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STEP 1: Discover Our Advantage

Learn about our Hydro-City Advantage to understand what sets our company apart from the competition.

STEP 2: Pick a System

The second step involves learning about our Hydro-2, 4, and 6 plant systems designed to create the perfect growing solution for your available space.

STEP 3: Select the Perfect Plan

You’re almost ready to start growing! The final step is to select the perfect plan for your individual needs.

Hydro-City Testimonials

STEP 1: Discover Our Advantage

We invite you to begin by learning about our company and what truly sets us apart from the competition.

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STEP 2: Pick a System

Now that you’ve seen why we’re so awesome, it’s time to get to the fun part and actually pick a system.

Hydro-2 System

Our “compact” Hydro-2 System supports up to 2 mature plants and is perfect for large personal yields.

Hydro-4 System

Our Hydro-4 System supports up to 4 mature plants and is perfect for roommates or those who like plant variety.

Hydro-6 System

Our Hydro-6 System supports up to 6 mature plants and is designed to deliver maximum results for the master grower.

STEP 3: Select the Perfect Plan

With the right system in mind, the final step is to select the perfect plan. We offer 12-month contract, month-to-month, and full purchase options.

12-Month Contract

Our 12-Month Rental option is perfect for those who want a professional-grade system at an accessible cost.

Month-to-Month Contract

Our Month-to-Month rental option is perfect for seasonal grows and seeing the results of our system without commitment.

Full System Purchase

Our Full System Purchase option is perfect for those who want to own one of our custom designed, professional grade, Hydro-City Systems.

You will not find better hydroponic solutions anywhere. Contact us today to schedule an installation.